New product sales kit
This project was to make a sales kit for the new Duracell battery launch. The new product has a new pattern and a simpler packaging . I learned from the client that they also want to include 1 or 2 battery-operated appliances in the kit, so we proposed to include maybe a toothbrush or Duracell flashlight in the sales kit.
I created 3 different designs all with minimalism looks to emphasize the new batteries and the appliances.
Concept I: 
Simple book design with graphic icons to indicate which layer the battery packs or appliances are located. Intuitive graphic icons give the design a simple and elegant look. 
Concept II:
This concept was designed to combine the patterns on the new battery package and copper-black color change. The graphic pattern created an interesting visual effect that shows energy waves.​​​​​​​
Concept III:
The overall pattern was extracted from the pattern on the battery itself and gives it the copper-black gradient to create the visual flow. The box contains 2 battery packs and a screen that plays the content , also with a flash drive next to the screen.
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